Concrete Pavers Driveway in Culver City, CA

This driveway project really shows off what our team is capable of completing. Concrete pavers only enhanced the home’s beauty and looked even better when it was paired with a new roof. For this home, we installed a new concrete pavers driveway and installed a brand new roof. However, we are only going to focus on the driveway for now.

The original driveway was simple concrete. It was severely discolored with oil stains and had been bleached from the sun. Additionally, there were numerous cracks allowing weeds to grow through. It needed a lot of work. The client wanted to raise the value of their home with an improved driveway so that we could provide that for them.

Angelus Concrete Pavers

The pavers we used are from Angelus Paving Stones. This company has a deep-rooted history of developing immaculate and gorgeous concrete paving stones. They have a massive selection of styles and designs perfect for any home. The paving stones we helped the client choose to offer an intricate interlocking pattern. It provides not only an enhanced look but also a unique view of the home.

The paving stones were also used for a walking path, which circled the home’s right-side and to the backyard and a side door. The concrete pavers were suitable for a walking path as much as they were for a driveway. Once our team completed the walking path and driveway, we moved on to the roof.

If you are interested in what our team can do for you when it comes to pavers and cement, give us a call today. You can also learn more about pavers and cement on our services page. We would be happy to help you create a sidewalk, walking path, driveway, patio, or some other outdoor living space.

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