Exterior Paint and Window replacement in Whittier

Cool Life Heat Reflective Coating is many times thicker than regular paint and is designed to reflect the harmful UV rays from the sun. This built in “sunscreen” helps to resist fading over time.
In addition to extending the life of your home’s exterior color, Cool Life Heat Reflective Exterior Coating helps to insulate and protect your home by reflecting the sun’s harmful INFRA RED rays. This technology can help keep cooling costs down.
The elasticity of Cool Life Heat Reflective Coating is guaranteed against manufacturing defects that could cause premature chipping, flaking, peeling, or cracking on your homes exterior. This means less maintenance and upkeep for you, the homeowner.
This revolutionary coating comes with a Lifetime warranty (see warranty details). A lifetime of protection and beauty for your homes exterior.

In this job:
We covered all Windows, doors and Patio concrete to protect from the Hydro blast wash, we removed the bushes that covered the front of the house to restucco the house. then we washed the complete house with 2500 PSI pressure to reveal all the cracks in the the stucco as a start to the preparation, We applied new stucco where needed and filled all the cracks in the stucco, Sanded all the wood, Repaired all the wood and replaced as needed, Then we applied one coat primer, and one coat of Cool Life reflective coating (LifeTime paint).

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Project Details

Start date: June 26, 2016
Project Status: Completed
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