Exterior Paint in La Canada

For our exterior paint in La Canada jobs, we use a very high-quality product: Cool Life Heat Reflective Coating. It is smart economically, environmentally, and for the beauty of your home to choose this exterior paint in La Canada Flintridge. As the name implies, it reflects the sun’s rays in order to keep your home. This means that your home will be resistant to heat-damage, sun-damage, and other weathering over-time. Your home will last longer. On top of that, while your exterior paint keeps your home cool, it will also be keeping your energy bill low.

Because Cool Life Heat Reflective Coating is such a high-quality product, they only recommend properly trained professionals to apply the paint. If you are interested in exterior paint in La Canada, then contact Golden City Remodeling right away. You can get in contact with our expert contractors by calling (310) 361-3271. Or you could browse our services page to see what else we can do for you. Either way, you are talking to the best painters in La Canada.

In this Exterior Paint in La Canada Flintridge job:

We did the entire house in Cool Life Heat Reflective Coating. We started out by covering all windows, doors, and borders to protect from the power washer and paint. We then used a 2500 PSI pressure washer to clean the surface of the siding and reveal all cracks in the stucco before we began applying the paint. We made sure to fill in all cracks and sand, repair, and replace any wood. At last, we applied a coat of primer and a cat of the Cool Life Heat Reflective Coating with the LifeTime Warranty. This house, in particular was a multi-color paint project. Our contractors made sure that our client walked away satisfied with our Exterior Paint in La Canada.

Project Details
Project Status: Completed