Exterior Paint in Rialto

Golden City Remodeling has the best contractors to handle exterior paint in Rialto jobs. Here, at GCR, our technicians use Cool Life Heat Reflective Coating, protecting your homes from damage.

Your home is most likely the biggest investment you will ever make. And there is no better way to protect the beauty and the exterior of your home from the elements and conditions of the Greater Los Angeles Area weather than Cool Life Heat Reflective Coating. We stand by this product with our reputation. Manufactured locally, this product is designed to withstand scorching humid summers, windy and dry fall conditions, and rainy wet winters. We recommend Cool Life Heat Reflective Coating for its unique qualities and benefits that will protect your Los Angeles area home for a LIFETIME (Detailed warranty information is available upon request).

As you can probably guess by the name, this high-quality product reflects the sun’s heat to keep your home cool. This exterior paint in Rialto provides numerous benefits. It both protects your home’s outside from long-term weather and heat and sun damage. Besides that, by keeping your home’s temperature down, it also keeps your energy bill low.

So, if you need a fresh coat of LifeTime paint, then contact Golden City Remodeling today. You can reach our expert contractors by calling our number at (310) 361-3271. Or check out our services page to see what else we have to offer you.

In this Exterior Paint in Rialto job:
We came in and covered all windows and doors to protect from the pressure washer. We then pressure washed the whole house with 2500 PSI to reveal all the cracks in the stucco before we started with the paint. We repaired and filled all the cracks in the stucco, sanded and repaired the wood, and replaced it as needed. Finally, we applied one coat of primer and one coat of Cool Life coating with a Life Time warranty.