Ontario Exterior Painting

damaged wood on house trim

At GCR, we know that your home deserves more than just a fresh coat of paint. Your largest asset requires special treatment and care; our comprehensive approach to preparation and investment in quality supplies and training ensures your home is in good hands. Our painting process includes:

  • a free estimate
  • careful protection of your property
  • external surface repairs to the home
  • repairs to damaged surfaces
  • sanding of any damaged or replaced areas
  • a full primer coat on your entire house
  • 1-2 coats of high-quality paint
  • full inspection by a GCR manager to ensure you will be delighted with the finished look

In this Ontario exterior painting project, we noticed serious damage in areas of the home. We had to repair parts of the home with new wood. You will see in the picture of an example of the damage we are referring to. After the project, you could not tell the home had damage before we started.

Look inside

Ontario Ranch, CA, US, South North Shore Drive, Ontario, CA, USA

Project Details
Project Status: Completed