Exterior Paint Whittier

Cool Life Heat Reflective Coating provides many benefits for your home, but it must be applied by properly trained technicians. Our experienced team of factory trained installers knows how important it is to properly prepare and apply this high-quality product to your home. Our full warranty ensures you are happy with the finished result.

Contact us to learn more about the Cool Life Heat Reflective Coating and discover what this innovative product can do for your home. We are here to help you get a long lasting, worry free look for your home.

In this job:
We covered all Windows, doors and Patio concrete to protect from the Hydro blast, then we washed the complete house with 2500 PSI pressure to reveal all the cracks in the the stucco as a start to the preparation, We applied new stucco where needed and filled all the cracks in the stucco, Sanded all the wood, Replaced all damaged wood, Then we applied one coat primer, and one coat of Cool Life reflective coating (LifeTime paint).

Project Details
Project Status: Completed