Roof Replacement: Northridge Apartment Building

Our professional and highly experienced team of roofers carried out the roof replacement we performed on this Northridge apartment building. They worked diligently to complete the job in the estimated time frame, which only satisfied the client even more. The original roof had seen better days, which is why it was paramount for a replacement.

The roof replacement we performed was essential for the rest of the building’s health and safety. Without proper maintenance or repairs, the roof deteriorated faster than usual. Our team came in, ripped up all the old roofing materials, and installed brand new asphalt shingles.

Our Roof Replacement Process

The roof replacement process we went through was very similar to what we do with residential clients. A project manager will visit the client and examine the roof. Examining the roof to see what state it is in is important. It helps us determine if any major repairs or patches need to be made. It also prepares us for the project ahead.

Our project managers also discussed details with the client in terms of the estimated time frame, the materials we would use, and the roof installation process. Once the client was comfortable to proceed, we got to work. The roofers started by removing the old asphalt shingles which had been cracked and worn from the many years of service.

From there, we moved on to installing the new shingles. The shingles we used were from CertainTeed. They are best suited for flatter roofs, which fit perfectly for this apartment building. After the roof installation, the project manager returned to check in with the client. Project managers ensure the client is 100% satisfied with the final product. We are proud to say the client was thrilled with the new roof.

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