Roof Replacement: Culver City, CA

This Culver City roof replacement was performed alongside a concrete pavers driveway installation. The client was extremely excited to see the results of both, and we are proud to deliver gorgeous results. Not only did our services improve the look of the home, but it also increased its value. Overall, our team did an excellent job on the work to this Culver City, CA, home.

As our carpenters worked on the new driveway, our roofers worked diligently to rip up the hold asphalt shingle roofing. With this home, the asphalt shingles were not in poor condition. Instead, they had reached the end of their life cycle. Even the best asphalt shingle roofs only last about 15 to 20 years. These shingles were 15 years, and the homeowner felt it was time for a new roof. Plus, the new roof did add to the beauty of the home.

Roof Replacement and Paver Installation

Since we had two massive projects for this home, we needed to segment our team and time on both. More importantly, the final product did not need to suffer because of another project. So, we took our time with the projects. Because these projects were a massive undertaking, we wanted to ensure client satisfaction.

As the old concrete driveway was ripped up, we also ripped up the asphalt shingles, so each project was at a similar stage. Ripping the old shingles served to be easy because of the age of the roof. Older shingles were more brittle, and some should have seen their final days sooner. 

After ripping up the shingles, we prepared the new roof. Our team placed the underlayment before the shingles arrived onsite. By doing this, it helped streamline the roof replacement process. Once the shingles were onsite, our team moved quickly to install them. At the same time, they ensured quality across the entire roof. The client was happy to have a brand new roof and driveway by the end of our job. 

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