Expert Roofing Services for Los Angeles Homeowners

An old or outdated roof places your entire home, family, and your possessions at risk. An old or outdated roof is more than an eyesore – it’s dangerous. Damaged roofs impact the structural integrity of your entire home or building. Even a few cracked or missing shingles pose a hazard. Even missing a few shingles can allow moisture, rain, and even Termites inside your home. Get ahead of the problem before it causes real damage. The GCR roofing crew is here to ensure your roof is in tip-top shape.

Residential Roofing Repair, Replacement & Installation

At GCR, we combine years of industry expertise with quality materials and exceptional customer service for results that will stand the test of time. Our roofing specialists consider each home-owners’ needs to provide the best solutions at the best prices around. 

How it Works

We provide exceptional quality roofing services in the Los Angeles area. Using only the highest caliber materials on the market, each project starts with a comprehensive inspection followed by a thorough explanation and detailed estimate for your roof. 

Our home roofing projects include the following services:

1) Demolition of the old roof, to include removing of shingles and roofing materials.

2) New underlayment/tar paper and shingles.

3) When applicable, a complete replacement of the roof’s wood surface (the re-ducking process takes about a week complete).

Why Choose GCR for Your Home Roof Repair in Los Angeles?

With the highest level of detail and precision, our roofing crews leverage their years of roofing experience servicing the greater Los Angeles area to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget. From assessing existing structures to determining the right solution for your needs, our team is always leveraging the latest industry best practices and innovations to deliver the highest results. 

We understand your home is where you and your loved ones live your lives. This is where you make your memories and spend the majority of your time. Your roof needs to last! As licensed General B Contractors, our highly trained crews can resolve any challenge that may arise on the job-site. 

You don’t have to wait to repair your roof. Waiting to repair your roof until you can easily afford it usually result in further damage! With competitive pricing and easy financing terms, 70% of our projects are for repeat or referred clients.

Protect your Los Angeles Home with a New Roof

We love what we do and you will too. At GCR, we combine the latest industry innovations with time-honored attention to detail for results that stand the test of time. With GCR, it’s fast and easy to repair or replace your roof. Take the first step towards updating and protecting your home

Contact us for a FREE consultation and estimate today. We’ll get to know your home and one another. You’ll see we’re the team to trust with your home and your roof.

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