Commercial Exterior Painting

Make a Great First Impression

For commercial properties, curb appeal is everything. When your property is freshly-painted in an up-to-date color, potential clients or customers will see that you take care of your building, which reflects well on your business. Whether your property is industrial, residential, office, or retail, our commercial exterior painting services can help you put your best foot forward for customers and clients.

Colors have a psychological effect on the human mind. For example, the color red is found in almost every major fast-food chain’s logo, because it is known to excite people or raise their energy levels. These effects are subtle but powerful, and you can use them to your advantage to give your business a boost and put customers or clients in a good mood when they visit.

No matter what color you choose for the exterior of your business, Golden City Remodeling will complete the exterior painting job with efficiency and attention to detail. Our commercial exterior painting crews take pride in providing expert painting services for clients in the commercial, industrial, and government sectors. We have committed to providing quality products and services to help you maintain the exterior of your building for a look you’re guaranteed to love.

Of course, we do more than just paint your building. We also assist with selecting a color that best fits your business, repairing issues we identify during the inspection, and cleaning up once the job is finished. Beyond that, we complete most of our commercial painting projects with Dunn-Edwards Paints, which we recommend for their premium quality and excellent track record.

How it Works: Commercial Exterior Painting

At GCR, we know that your business deserves more than a fresh coat of paint. As a business owner, you invest a lot into your real property, and we want to help you maintain its value and ensure it remains a profit-generating asset for your business. After all, it’s the first thing your customers and potential clients see. Our painting crews utilize their extensive experience in commercial painting for results that are unrivaled. We consult and collaborate with our clients at every step of the painting process. From preparation to clean-up, our team maintains the highest standards for our commercial painting projects.

Once you partner with the professionals at GCR, we treat your property as we would our own. We take measures to carefully protect your landscaping, vehicles, signage, any structures on the property, and other assets surrounding your commercial building. The same level of care we exhibit for our residential exterior painting services is given for all our commercial projects as well.

At GCR, we believe in transparency. From our initial consultation, you’ll know the cost of the project and will never be hit with hidden fees or costs. You have our promise!

The Breakdown

Our commercial exterior painting process is similar to that of our residential services:

  1. Our process starts with a project manager inspecting the building and determining the resources needed for the job. Soon after, you receive a detailed proposal. Remember, we promise there are no hidden costs!
  2. From there, when you accept the proposal, we begin by pressure washing the building. By pressure washing the building, we remove dust, dirt, and other debris from the surface, which ensures the paint can adhere well to a clean and smooth surface. 
  3. Afterward, our crew inspects the building for gaps, cracks, or other potential problems. This step ensures that issues like these are addressed, rather than simply covered up by paint.
  4. Next, the painting crew repairs any broken wood, sands down uneven areas, and ensures the surface of the building is ready for the first coat of paint.
  5. That is the end of the preparation phase. At this point, the team is ready to apply a full coat of primer to the entire building. Some companies will skip this step to speed up the process, but we want to ensure the longevity of our work and protect your
  6. After priming the building, we start applying one to two coats of paint. Our team recommends Cool Life or Dunn-Edwards paint brands for the best results.
  7. Finally, a GCR manager conducts a full inspection. They ensure you are 100% satisfied with the final result.

Coordination and Quality

GCR is committed to completing your exterior painting project without mistakes and with complete satisfaction. For that reason, we coordinate closely with clients to ensure they understand our process.

We have extensive experience with apartment buildings and other residential properties and work closely with both management and tenants. Our teams will inform tenants of our work schedule and objectives for the day. This way, no one is caught off-guard, and tenants feel that their needs are being considered by their landlords.

This step is just one way Golden City Remodeling guarantees 100% satisfaction with clients. Coordinating with you helps us ensure you are happy with your results!


commercial exterior painting - A worker in hi-vis clothing hand paints the trim around a window in a pale sandy yellow color.

commercial exterior painting apartment building - The Eastown Apartment building, with a fresh coat of gray paint, was a GCR project.

Commercial painting workers painting an apartment building green.