Exterior Painting

Expert Exterior Painting Services for Los Angeles Homeowners

A fresh coat of paint does more than just boost your home’s appearance and curb appeal. Not only will it update your property’s appearance, but it will also add an additional layer of protection from the elements. More importantly, it improves your property value! Exterior painting can give your house a new look, allowing you to fall in love with it all over again.

Our exterior home painting crews provide the highest quality of home painting services for Los Angeles homeowners. We take pride in creating a result you’ll love that will also last. Servicing the Greater Los Angeles Area, our commitment to providing quality products and services will help you place the finishing touches on your home. The steps we take are all crucial to ensure the longevity and quality of your exterior paint.

Los Angeles Exterior Painting Services

At Golden City Remodeling, we combine years of industry expertise with quality materials and exceptional customer service for results proven to stand the test of time. Our residential painters consider each homeowner’s needs to provide the best house painting solutions at affordable prices. From the moment we meet you for a free painting estimate to the end of the project, we consider ourselves your neighborhood partners. You can rest assured knowing you are working with painting professionals.

We use high-quality, weather-resistant exterior paint to ensure the final result is both beautiful and robust. The brand of paint is critical; this is why we recommend Cool Life™ coating or Dunn-Edwards Paints. These two brands offer a variety of benefits that make them excellent choices for residential projects.

Cool Life is a UV-reflective paint which can reduce the amount of ultraviolet heat your home absorbs. This can lower the external temperature of your walls by up to 37 ° F. In turn, the interior of your home stays cooler for longer, and you save money on your energy bills. Cool Life is a Lifetime Paint, so it will maintain its color and integrity for years to come.

Dunn-Edwards Paints is another exceptional option for homeowners. This brand of paint has a deep-rooted history in the Southwest. Since 1925, Dunn-Edwards has had one goal in mind: “Make the finest line of paint and give the best service at fair prices.” We trust Dunn-Edwards for both our residential and commercial painting projects.

How it Works: Exterior House Painting

We believe in transparency for our clients from the beginning to the end of all of our projects:

  1. The GCR exterior painting process starts with an onsite visit from one of our experienced project managers. Right from the start, you will know the cost of your project. No hidden fees or charges–ever!
  2. Each exterior painting project starts with a pressure wash to remove debris. This ensures the paint will form a lasting bond to protect your home.
  3. Once the pressure wash is complete, our crews will inspect the exterior for damaged or cracked surfaces to ensure they do not blemish the new finish of your home.
  4. Next, our painting crew will repair or replace damaged wood, as well as sand all wood surfaces to ensure your house is clean, strong, and ready for the first coat of protection.
  5. Once all the prep is finished, our crews are ready to start painting. Unlike other companies who conduct spot priming, our crews will perform a FULL primer coat on your entire house to ensure your the new paint bonds properly.
  6. Next, our crews will carefully apply 1-2 coats of premium paint, ensuring that care is taken around trim and other features of your home.
  7. Upon completion of your exterior painting services, a GCR manager will conduct a full inspection to ensure you’ll be 100% satisfied with the finished look of your house.

Why Choose Golden City Remodeling?

Here at Golden City Remodeling, we collaborate with you, so we’re always on the same page regarding your the budget and deadlines. With the highest level of detail and precision, our exterior painting crews leverage their years of experience serving you and others in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Our team is always implementing the latest industry best practices and innovations, from assessing your building’s exterior to determining the right solution for your home. We take care to ensure that your home is deliver premium results. 

We understand your home is one of your most significant investments. As licensed general B contractors, our highly trained crews can resolve any challenge that may arise on the job site. If we uncover something that needs attention during our prep phase, we can handle it on the spot. Consider GCR your one-stop-shop.

Give your Home a Fresh New Look with Exterior House Painting

Preparing and painting the exterior of your home is both a science and an art. Our painting crews are ready to give your home a fresh new look that you and your family will love. 

We are exceptionally proud of our work. As local painters with competitive pricing and easy financing terms, around 70% of our projects are for repeat or referred clients. 

At GCR, we combine the latest industry innovations with time-honored attention to detail for results that stand the test of time. With our expertise, it’s fast and easy to update your home’s exterior. Golden City Remodeling will complete the job on time and within your budget.

Exterior Painting - A brown home with white trim and a coordinating garage door.

A painter's hand holding a paintbrush and applying green paint to wood siding.

A home with siding painted sage green, with a natural wood patio and masonry facade.