Storm Damage Roof Repair

While thunderstorms are rare in Los Angeles, they are still a threat to your home. Storm damage roof repairs may be in order if your home sustains damage during a storm. The most vital job a roof has is to protect you and your loved ones from the elements. A severe thunderstorm can threaten that protection.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, thunderstorms are the most damaging and catastrophic natural disaster in the United States. Damage costs from storms are in the billions every year. Los Angeles may see a few storms every year, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore them when they are over. Your roof must be properly inspected for any potential need for storm damage roof repairs.

Signs You Need Storm Damage Roof Repairs

Once a storm has passed, one of the first things you should do is examine your home—the roof especially. Do your best to inspect the roof from the ground. Only those who are properly trained and experienced should get on the roof. If you are confident in having experience, wait until the roof is completely dry before inspecting.

Here is what to look for when inspecting your roof for storm damage:

Moisture in Attic: Before you even go outside to inspect the roof, start inside. Your roof and attic work together to protect your home from the elements. Check for signs of moisture or daylight peering through any openings. Signs of moisture tell you rain has made it through the roofing materials and into the home. A roof leak repair would be necessary, but it could be a bigger problem.

Granule Loss: As your asphalt shingles age, granule loss is normal. However, wind and heavy rain can speed up that process to an unhealthy level. Grab a ladder to check the insides of your gutters. A few granules in your gutter are normal, but a large amount will be a sign you need storm damage roof repairs.

Missing Shingles: You should be able to spot any missing shingles from the ground. Many modern asphalt shingle systems can stand up to 100 miles per hour wind. However, older roofs or different types of shingles may fail to withstand such strong winds. In that case, see if you have any exposed areas. You’ll want to seek immediate storm damage roof repairs.

Free Estimate for Storm Damage Roof Repairs

Golden City Remodeling offers free estimates on storm damage roof repairs and replacements. If you have signs of storm damage or suspect there is an issue with your home’s roof, give our team a call. A project manager will thoroughly investigate your roof and provide a detailed estimate. Visit our roofing page for more information on our services and fill out the free estimate form.