Wind Damage Roof Repair

Wind storms are more common than thunderstorms in Los Angeles and could cause you to require wind damage roof repairs. In fact, the county of Los Angeles states that red flag weather conditions occur when humidity is less than 15% and winds surpass 25 miles per hour. In these events, power lines may become damaged, bush fires spread faster, and minor damage may occur.

The National Weather Service categorizes wind speeds by the type of damage it may cause:

45 – 57 mph: Considered “non-severe” wind, this range causes the removal of already loose shingles and tree branches to break. 

58 – 74 mph: This range of wind speeds is known as severe. It will cause damage to landscaping and structures. Whole tree limbs, tree uprooting, and shingle rip-off may occur.

75+ mph: At this range, the wind is capable of flipping mobile homes and even cause roof damage to commercial and residential buildings.

Signs of Needing Wind Damage Roof Repairs

Once a wind storm has passed, you need to inspect your roof for any type of damage. Start with inspecting your roof from the ground. Avoid going on the roof if you do not have the proper training or experience. Do not get on your roof when the wind is still strong, or the roof is wet.

Here are the signs of needing wind damage roof repairs:

Moisture in Attic: Before going inside, grab a flashlight and go to the attic. While there, you want to look for any signs of moisture. At the same time, see if any sunlight is making its way through an opening. Cracks or holes are perfect places for moisture to enter. These should be sealed and repaired as soon as possible.

Missing Shingles: The most obvious sign of needing wind damage roof repairs is missing shingles. These should easily be spotted from the ground as the wind will often take more than just one. Exposed areas of your roof should be repaired immediately in order to prevent the damage from worsening.

Curling Shingles: At the right angle, wind can cause your shingles to curl. Curling at the edge of your roof allows for moisture to enter and cause water damage. Additionally, curling causes the shingles to weaken, so they are not as strong as before.

Damaged Chimney: A crooked chimney is a serious problem that you should have inspected immediately. In some cases, missing lashing may be the problem. If so, the sealing around the chimney will fail, and water will enter.

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