Foundation Repair

The foundation of our homes is essential for keeping us safe and secure. The foundation bears the weight of the entire house and transfers it to the ground. When your foundation forgoes damages, the house’s weight can shift, and your home can sustain serious damage. In those cases, foundation repairs are necessary.

You may not know common signs of needing foundation repairs. Knowing when your foundation has experienced serious damage is important to keep further damage from occurring. In California, foundation damage can occur after a significant earthquake, which is quite common. After these events, have your foundation inspected by a professional or perform one yourself.

When foundation damage is spotted, you’ll need it repaired as soon as possible.

Signs of Needing Foundation Repairs

Here are a handful of interior and exterior signs your home requires foundation repairs:

Exterior foundation cracks: The first place you can look is directly on the foundation itself. Head outside and start scanning the foundation of your home. Look for any cracking that goes in a zig-zag pattern. Small cracks are not a problem, but large cracks like these should be further investigated. Brick foundations will have signs of a similar pattern along with large protruding bricks or openings.

Interior wall cracks: The second place you can inspect or something you may notice before anything else is cracking in your drywall. Similar to the foundation outside, zig-zagging patterns are something to be worried about, especially if they are at the junction of a wall or ceiling.

Uneven floors and doors not square: Not all houses are built perfectly, so a door may not be entirely square. However, when the door isn’t square and has cracks above, it should really be a sign of worry. Additionally, your floors should not show significant unevenness. If the gradient of the floor is more than one or two inches every 15 feet, you should be worried.

Expansion joint separation: Expansion joints are used to help the house adjust as the Earth shifts. They also help where shifting may occur due to humidity, temperatures, and other natural events. A failed expansion joint can be the cause of a damaged foundation, but a failing foundation may also cause it.

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