A roof inspection in Los Angeles helps your home or business stay healthy and safe. Neglecting regular maintenance and repairs can cause your property’s value to lower significantly. Simultaneously, damages to your roof can significantly increase the chance of damage elsewhere on the property.

For these reasons and more, you should receive a roof inspection in Los Angeles regularly. For residential and commercial roofs, two inspections per year are the recommended option. You and your property can benefit greatly from a regular roof inspection. Golden City Remodeling can work closely with you to set up a schedule, so you never miss an inspection again. Here are the benefits you can expect from a roof inspection in Los Angeles.

Catch Problems

The most beneficial advantage of a regular roof inspection in Los Angeles is finding problems with the roof before they become worse. Roof leaks, damaged flashing, broken tiles, and missing shingles are just a few of the issues a roof inspection can catch. When you receive a roof inspection twice a year, one of the inspections can find an issue before it worsens.

Roof leaks are a common sign a repair or even a replacement is necessary. Catching a roof leak early is the best scenario as it can worsen as time goes on. When water comes into contact with wood, it has paramount effects. Wood’s greatest enemy is water because of its porous surface. Wood will soak up the water, causing it to bow, swell, and degrade over time.

As a result of moisture exposure, mold and mildew spores are capable of taking root. This becomes a serious issue since mold can weaken the wood’s integrity and reduce indoor air quality. If the leak persists, your attic insulation, walls, and ceilings can experience water damage. Eventually, your home requires thousands of dollars in water damage repairs.

Two roof inspections every year will help catch these issues before they become serious.

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Save Money

You may think two roof inspections a year sounds like a waste of money, but it will save you more money over time. Like we mentioned already, water damage is the primary reason you want regular roof inspections. When these leaks are caught early, they don’t cause little to no damage. When left unnoticed, they cause hundreds and thousands of dollars, as we mentioned already.

Water damage restoration services will cost you more money than two roof inspections. When roof inspections are performed, we will provide you with a detailed report regarding the repairs and maintenance you need. This could also include a complete roof replacement when your roof makes it to that point.

Do not let your roof go without a regular roof inspection. Contact Golden City Remodeling for a comprehensive roof inspection. Our team wants to help maintain the quality of your residential or commercial roof.

Maintain Your Roof

Roofs have average lifespans that you want them to reach. Asphalt shingles typically last between 15 to 20 years, while tile roofs are 50 to 100 years. When you neglect your roof’s care, you are putting the lifespan of your roof at risk. You should only have to replace your roof once in your lifetime, and property inspections are one of the ways to achieve that.

Receive a Roof Inspection in Los Angeles

Golden City Remodeling is here to offer you a regular roof inspection in Los Angeles. Our team is always looking to help homeowners and business owners maintain the quality of their properties. Give us a call today to learn more about our roof inspection services. You can reach us by calling (310) 361-3271 or fill out the form on our contact us page.

A project manager will discuss the procedure of a roof inspection in Los Angeles and provide you with appropriate pricing. Visit our roofing page to learn more about these services.