Finding the right exterior house paint colors for your home can be extremely difficult. The wrong choice can highlight architectural problems, upset neighbors, or reduce the value of your home. For these reasons, it is critical you find the right exterior house paint colors. Selecting a color for your home, when done right, can benefit you greatly.

It can be hard to make the decision of your exterior house paint colors yourself, so you can always consider speaking to a professional at Golden City Remodeling. Our professionals work closely with homeowners to ensure 100% satisfaction once the project is complete. Needless to say, you can make an informed decision on the color of your house using the tips we have outlined below.

Test Your Exterior House Paint Colors

Before you start choosing the colors for your home, keep in mind you need to test them before you start slathering. Testing is really important because you could end up hating a color you fell in love with on the swatch. Consider talking with a friend to get their opinion and look at the color in different parts of the day. These different perspectives help you make a more educated decision.

What is Already Established?

Houses are never just one color. They are comprised of numerous different materials that may have their own fixed colors. Take your roof, for example. The material of your roof should assist you in making a decision. Do you have a metal roof? Asphalt shingles? Clay tiles? Don’t match the color of your roof. Instead, pick a color that will complement it and the many other fixed colors on your home. Other fixed color features you should look at include the following:

  • Chimney
  • Driveway
  • Vinyl windows
  • Wooden door
  • Railings
  • Columns/Pillars

Many of these features are likely to stay the same color because of the price tag attached to changing them. So, consider all of these fixed colors to make a better decision on your exterior house paint colors.

Look at Neighbors for Inspiration

As we mentioned earlier, choosing the wrong color for your home could upset neighbors because it overshadows their home. Is your neighborhood filled with similar houses? Visit houses similar to yours and take pictures of the colors you like. 

neighbor's house paint color

Consider these options, so you don’t clash with the houses next to yours. Your home doesn’t just stand on its own while in a neighborhood. It needs to respect the rest of the houses in the area while also making a statement on its own.

Consider Multiple Exterior House Paint Colors

You weren’t planning to paint your entire house one color, right? Well, if you were, you should definitely consider otherwise, your home won’t have depth. Choose various different colors but stick to the same family. Choose a darker or lighter color to accent borders or changes in your home’s architecture. Whether extreme contrasts are okay or not is up for debate, but we would suggest against it.

What is your home’s architectural style?

Older homes may benefit from traditional colors. At the same time, older homes can be improved with modern colors. Either option is an excellent choice, but the architectural style should help you decide on your home’s exterior house paint colors. A more simple architecture style will require fewer colors than something more complex.

Consider looking at historical homes like your own online or nearby. You can even speak with Los Angeles Conservancy on what types of paint colors would be best. These options give you inspiration on what colors to choose for your home. 

If you don’t have a historic home, then consider other houses similar to yours. Like we mentioned earlier with considering neighbors, look at houses similar to your own. This process will help you determine which colors work and don’t work for your type of house.

Speak With Golden City Remodeling

Finally, speak with our team of professionals to get a more precise understanding of what should go into the decision making process. Our painters are professional and provide great insight into which colors you should consider for your home. Contact our team today for a free quote. We can help you choose the right exterior house paint colors, so you don’t regret the decision. After all, GCR guarantees 100% satisfaction for all of our exterior painting clients.