Here at Golden City Remodeling, we are proud to use Angelus Paving Stones for our paving services. Established in 1946, Angelus Paving Stones has dominated the market in creating gorgeous, premium pavers for contractors, homeowners, and commercial clients. Our team can create elaborate walkways, stunning driveways, and staggering decorative walls with their pavers.

Our team works closely with Angelus to deliver 100% guaranteed satisfaction to each client. Since we have so much love for Angelus Paving Stones, we thought we would list a handful of our favorite pavers from their collection. Here are some of the gorgeous paver stones you can experience with Angelus.

Bishops Hat

Angelus Paving Stones Bishops Hat
Source: Angelus Paving Stones

Your guests will be impressed the next time you invite them over for a cookout or pool party with Bishops Hat. These parquet pavers create a unique pattern for your pool deck, patio, front porch, or even your driveway. We love using these pavers because of their stunning look. They create an elegant scene fit for any home. 

Bishops Hat comes in two different color variations: Cream-brown-charcoal and cream-terracotta-brown. Capable of being installed in various layouts, Bishops Hat does not disappoint once it is installed. Contact our team for layout details or to learn more about Angelus Paving Stones.


Angelus Paving Stones: Symetry
Source: Angelus Paving Stones

Part of their standard paving stones collection, Symetry® offers symmetric intellectual layouts that are capable of elevating an already gorgeous estate. Angelus Paving Stones says Symetry is their most versatile paving stone due to its capability of being laid individually or decoratively.

Symetry will satisfy even the fussiest designers. We recommend homeowners use Symetry in their homes’ fronts, such as a driveway, sidewalk, or walking path. This immaculate paving stone will surely impress any guest and anyone who passes the home.


Angelus Paving Stones Turfstone
Source: Angelus Paving Stones

Turfstone is part of Angelus Pacing Stones’ permeable collection. This collection is designed to allow rain to pass through instead of adding to storm drain runoff. Angelus Paving Stones’ paver system also cleans the water as it passes through. More importantly, Turfstone supports erosion control and even adds a unique look to your home. 

Turfstone is best suited for driveways, parking lots, and walkways. The grid system allows grass to continue to grow while also protecting the root system. Vehicles and heavy equipment can pass over the grass without worrying about damaging the grass or getting stuck. You can install Angelus Paving Stones Turfstone to enhance your home’s look while also supporting the environment.

Rustic Wall Stone

Angelus Paving Stones Rustic Wall Stone
Source: Angelus Paving Stones

Angelus Paving Stones offers a unique category of paving stones designed for outdoor kitchens, tables, fire pits, and more. These paving stones are rustic and give homes an enhanced outdoor experience. Homeowners looking to improve their outdoor living spaces should consider looking into built-in grills, fire pits, and tables.

Rustic Wall Stones are available in different colors such as charcoal, Tuscan, gray, and sand. The imperfect surfaces of the stone give them their coined rustic look. Edges of the stone are rough, giving them an added sense of wear without sacrificing beauty. Contact Golden City Remodeling to discuss details about your outdoor living space.

Angelus Planter Wall

Angelus Paving Stones Planter Wall Stone
Source: Angelus Paving Stones

The Angelus Planter Wall creates a durable barrier for elevated landscapes while also adding to design. Available in five different colors, these wall pavers are built to last the effects of the elements and the vegetation they are protecting.

The installation process for planter wall stones is also easy because no special tools are required. The interlocking system gives these lightweight stones a quick installation time. Plus, the stones give you the ability to outline any complex landscaping because of their versatile design.

A Proud Angelus Paving Stones Contractor

Golden City Remodeling is happy to use Angelus Paving Stones for our paving and cement installation services. These premium stones provide beauty and customer satisfaction that our company is dedicated to upholding. Please, contact us if you are interested in our paving and cement services. We would love to offer you a free estimate and discuss design details.