Owning a home means you must care for every aspect of it. This goes for the roof too. Roof repairs and maintenance are required for prolonging the life of your roof. Without the right care, you can expect to spend more money on a complete roof replacement than repairs.

Every homeowner will require some kind of roof repair in their lifetime of owning a home. Several different types of repairs could be performed, but there are a few more common. By looking out for these types of repairs, you can be proactive in maintaining your roof’s quality.

1. Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common type of roofing material in the United States. As one the most affordable and oldest roofing options available, asphalt shingles have become a popular choice among homeowners.

Unfortunately, asphalt shingles only last between 15 to 20 years. That lifespan may be shorter if maintenance is neglected. For this reason, roof repairs on shingles are common. 

Your shingles may require repair because of:

  • Cracking: cracking occurs when shingles experience extreme temperatures. A cracked shingle increases the chance of water entering the home and creating a leak.
  • Shrinkage: shingles shrink when they are exposed to extreme heat. When shingles shrink, their nails can pop out of their place, leaving a hole for water to enter.
  • Missing: you may be missing shingles from strong winds. Shingles have a serious design flaw in that they are susceptible to being ripped off at the right angle.
  • Granule Loss: asphalt shingles are made of composite materials. Over time, those granules can wash away from the rain. You may find granules in your gutter when cleaning them.
shingle roof repair

2. Leaking Roof

We’ve all experienced a leaking roof before. Even the best-built homes can experience such a pesky issue. Often, a leaking roof originates from another problem with the roof—usually associated with the shingles or flashing.

As we mentioned already, missing shingle nails leave behind holes. Those holes are perfect places for water to seep into your home. Flashing is another culprit you need to worry about, especially since flashing’s primary goal is to keep water from entering the home.

Regardless of the source, you must have your roof repaired as soon as possible. Water damage can affect your home’s structure and draw mold, which leads to higher costs. 

You can learn how to repair a roof leak in a previous blog of ours or have Golden City Remodeling perform the job. Either way, it needs to be fixed right away.

leaking roof repair

3. Flashing

Roof flashing is the material covering the seems and joints of your roof. Its purpose is to cover the most vulnerable parts of your roof, so water doesn’t enter. Flashing may be the cause of that leaky roof for various reasons: improper installation, damage, missing, etc. 

Flashing needs to be installed the right way for it to work correctly. Often, roofing contractors rush through the job, and a leak becomes the first sign of a problem. On the other hand, the age or quality of the flashing may be to blame.

roof flashing repair

4. Gutters

When you think of roof repairs, you may never even consider your gutters. Well, your gutters assist in your roof’s job and collect more than just water. Leaves, twigs, insects, and the granules mentioned above can find their way into your gutters. 

We recommend you clean your gutters at least twice a year or more. Doing so will ensure your gutters perform their job efficiently and last longer. 

Failing to clean your gutters creates a buildup of water. That water could be too heavy for your gutters, causing them to fall off the roof, or they may overflow and increase the deterioration of your roof. Avoid this with the property gutter maintenance.

gutter roof repair

Need a Roof Repair Company?

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