Property owners often overlook commercial roof inspections. They may think it isn’t worth their time or money, or they may simply forget. In either case, commercial roof inspections are vital for property owners. Commercial buildings go through similar wear and tear as residential homes. Without the proper maintenance and repairs, your building could sustain damages that cost you thousands.

A roof inspection is designed to catch problems before they arise or early on. When you neglect that inspection, you put your building and occupants at risk. Golden City Remodeling is here to tell you how essential commercial roof inspections are and how they can help you.

What happens during a commercial roof inspection?

Before we can tell you the importance of a commercial roof inspection, you should know what occurs during one. A roof inspection is when a commercial roofing contractor examines your roof from the inside and out. During a commercial roof inspection, the contractor will examine the roof from the inside as it gives a good indication of the roof’s quality.

Water leaks and damage are common signs within the building that there are issues with the roof. The presence of mold or potential electrical shortages are also symptoms of a roof in poor condition.

From there, the roofing contractor will walk the roof. They examine the roof for the following:

  • exposed seams
  • cracks
  • blisters or bubbles
  • tears
  • missing roofing
  • standing water
  • and more!

Examination of the roof starts from the perimeter of the roof and works its way into the center. This method is done because the roof’s perimeter is more likely to experience problems than the center. Roofing material on the edge of the roof is likely to be ripped up by the wind and other elements.

Commercial Roof Inspection from the perimeter

Afterward, you will receive a report covering everything the inspector found on your roof. It will have details on all of the problems and their suggested solution.

Benefits of a Commercial Roof Inspection

By receiving the contractor’s report, you can learn about your roof’s condition and the various problems associated with it. With that information, you can benefit from the following:

1. Extend the Life of Your Roof

Extending the life of your commercial roof is the biggest benefit you can experience. Commercial roofs last between 20 to 40 years. That lifespan is shorter if proper maintenance and inspections are neglected.

After your inspection, you can have roofing contractors perform the necessary repairs, so no further damages are sustained. As a result, your commercial roof is capable of protecting you for many more years.

2. Save Money

Who doesn’t want to save money? As you prolong the life of your roof with commercial roof inspections, you are also saving money. The repairs you make on your roof lengthen its lifespan, which subsequently keeps you from spending money on a complete commercial roof replacement.

Small costs for roof repairs are nothing compared to a roof replacement. Trust us. You are saving money with regular roof inspections.

3. Streamline Insurance Claims

Insurance policies protect your building from damage done by the weather. Those damages cannot be claimed so easily if the damage wasn’t done by the weather, and instead, the care of your roof. A commercial roof inspection eliminates that worry of suspicion with a detailed report.

commercial roof inspection

How often should you have a commercial roof inspection?

You should have a commercial roof inspection twice a year. Annual inspections allow water leaks and damages to accumulate for a whole year. Inspections twice a year can catch those issues before they become too problematic. Typically, roof inspections are performed during the spring and fall, right before the intense seasons.

Do you need a commercial roof inspection?

Have you neglected your commercial roof long enough? Contact Golden City Remodeling at (310) 361-3271 for a free estimate. You should also visit our commercial roofing services page to learn more about what we have to offer for your business.

We can inspect your roof and provide the commercial roof repairs you may need. Our Los Angeles roofing contractors have extensive experience and knowledge in the industry. You’ll benefit in more ways than one with Golden City Remodeling.