There are many commercial roofing contractors in Los Angeles, CA. Many of them claim to be the best in the business or offer the highest quality materials. However, determining the best commercial roofing contractor in Los Angeles is no easy task and quite frankly impossible.

The fact of the matter is there are a lot of amazing commercial roofing contractors in Los Angeles. You wouldn’t be wrong to choose another company over Golden City Remodeling, but the decision comes down to a handful of qualities.

Before you choose a commercial roofing company in Los Angeles, consider each of the following details:


No matter the commercial roofing contractor, you should ensure the government licenses them. When it comes to Los Angeles commercial roofing contractors, they are licensed through the Department of Consumer Affairs, specifically the Contractors State License Board. On their site, you can search for a license by the name of the company, owner name, license number, and more.

By choosing a licensed commercial roofing contractor, you will be receiving professional and certified services that the government trusts. When you do find the license page of the company you are researching, it will give detailed information on their license and its current status. Golden City Remodeling is a licensed and bonded commercial roofing contractor in Los Angeles. This means you can have complete trust in our commercial roofing services.

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When you are searching for commercial roofing contractors’ licenses, you can see their insurance alongside. The Department of Consumer Affairs also keeps records of the insurance companies carry, which is an essential part of choosing a roofing contractor.

Whether you are a business or a homeowner, you must ensure your roofing contractor is insured. Non-insured roofing companies will make you pay for damages that may occur on your property. Common insurances these companies cover include worker’s compensation and general liability.


Experience is an essential quality to look for when it comes to choosing any contractor. Commercial roofing contractors are no exception, as you want your property’s roof to last as long as possible. Plus, you want it to protect your property and enhance its beauty if applicable. Los Angeles commercial roofing contractors should have an online portfolio for you to view.

View buildings similar to yours, such as an apartment complex or warehouse. Do the project photos impress you? Does the portfolio ease your nerves? These are questions you should ask yourself as you browse through their past projects. If the company you are interested in does not have an online portfolio, call to ask for a physical portfolio.

You can view Golden City Remodeling’s past projects on our website.

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A commercial roofing contractor should offer a warranty for the work they are performing on your property. Failing to answer the question often means they are not confident in the work they provide or the materials they use. Plus, a warranty is meant to protect you in the event the installation process or materials were poor.


One of the best ways to gain confidence in a commercial roofing contractor or any other business for that matter are is reviews. Reviews from past clients can give you insight into what the business has in store for its clients.

When it comes to contractors, look at Google reviews, HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, and Thumbtack. These platforms allow customers to leave detailed reviews about their experience with the company. Reviews provide a general consensus for businesses and do not reflect each customer’s experience.

Hire Trusted Commercial Roofing Contractors

Golden City Remodeling is a professional and trusted commercial roofing contractor in Los Angeles. We are proud to stand next to many other exceptional roofing contractors in the Los Angeles area. Contact our team today for a free estimate. During the estimate, we can discuss details about the installation process and any of the aforementioned qualities.

Give us a call at (310) 361-3271. There is nothing to lose when it comes to our free estimate. You can also learn more about our commercial roofing services and the six qualities to look for in a residential roofing company on their respective pages.